a little about me (part 2)

And the random tidbits continue. Check out the rest of these fun facts about your photographer (that’s me!).

14. When I was younger my family moved around a lot as part of being in the Air Force and I was painfully shy. This resulted in playing alone during recess and eventually teaching myself how to do a handstand using the chain link fence for support instead of a friend. I’m thankful we moved to Kansas City and stayed put from there on out.

15. I took piano lessons for a few years when I was younger. I wish I hadn’t quit. I played the violin from 5th grade through my senior year in high school. I would like to join a local symphony but it’s just not a priority at the moment. In high school I taught myself to play guitar. I played guitar and sang/led worship in youth group.

16. My favorite instrument is the cello! I could listen to it all day. It would be awesome to find and purchase a cello at a flea market and teach myself how to play. I would love that.

17. One of the most surprisingly yummy desserts I’ve ever tasted was Almond Tofu at a little Japanese restaurant named Zakkushi in a suburb of Vancouver, BC called Kitsilano.

18. I chose to never attend a high school prom or other high school dance. I just wasn’t into it.

19. I always have my ‘bucket list’ with me. Usually located in the depths of my purse somewhere.

20. I enjoy watching sports live and in person. The only sport I can watch (and stay awake for) on Television is football. My favorite team is the Chiefs. (I know, I know) I also like to play sports. My favorite is volleyball and I can be VERY competitive.

21. My favorite genre of movie is one that can whisk me off to some foreign dream land. A fantastical place of tall tales and enchantment. I love engaging my imagination and these movies aide in that effort quite nicely. A couple of my favorite movies are ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Mirror Mask.’

22. I crave sunshine. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a rainy, gray day every now-and-again but I must have sunshine on a regular basis. It’s an absolute must. Winter is a bit rough for me.

23. I have awesome dreams. They’re vivid, fast paced, and fairly bizarre. A lot of my dreams seem to build on the previous nights dream. It’s very interesting to watch them develop. I love to share my weird-o dreams with my friends and watch them furrow their brows trying to figure me out. It’s fun.

24. I married my best friend on January 1, 2010. He is my encourager, my favorite comedian, and the one I get to do the rest of this life with. I could not be more blessed.

25. Photography has been intertwined with my life since I was young. I believe God gave me a passion for photography and I fully intend on fulfilling the call He has put on my life using photos to speak to others. I hope and pray I can be a blessing to you.

Now you know a little about me. But let’s turn the tables to you. Tell me about yourself. Feel free to leave a comment all about you!

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