a little about me (part 1)

To kick things off I thought I’d start by introducing myself to you.  Here is a collection of facts about your photographer (that’s me!).

1. My real name is Amanda but hardly anyone calls me that. Most people call me Mandi, however, my Dad calls me Moose, my Mom calls me Man-Man, my youth pastor called me Man-Die and I also answer to Mandikins and Manda Panda.

2. My mother tells me I was named after a dog. A *pretty* dog but, a dog, nonetheless.

3. I collect smashed pennies and other random smashed change. I have quite the collection. I’ll have to show it to you sometime.

4. In 2nd grade my Dad snuck me out of school for the day and we went to a Royals baseball game. He let me choose one souvenir for myself and one for my sister. I went with a Royals mini baseball bat for me and a giant Royals pencil to give to my sister. A happy memory.

5. I much prefer tea over coffee. In fact, I can’t really stand coffee at all but I love tea. I’ll take mine hot with milk and honey stirred to form a froth or cold with 2 sugar cubes, thank you.

6. I love grid paper and making floor plans. It’s totally ridiculous. I believe I got this trait from my mother.

7. I would like to have a garden one day. Filled with tomatoes, beans, peppers, herbs, the works. I’ve got it all planned out. In fact, I’ve got it all planned out on grid paper right now.

8. When I was little I wanted to be the first girl on the moon. In 7th grade I switched gears and decided I wanted to be a veterinarian – that only lasted about three months. Then, in 8th grade, I decided that I wanted to be a photographer/camera operator and I’ve never looked back.

9. I worked in television for 3 years. It was a high stress environment but I am grateful for my time spent there. I was stretched and learned a lot about myself.

10. I LOVE volunteering. I’ve volunteered in many different capacities but my favorite thus far is being a Cuddle Therapist for premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. I loved working with those darling little babies.

11. My sister and I made up all kinds of silly games when we were little. Some of my favorites include: “Intruder”, “Hot Lava”, “Train ride”, and of course the classic, “Build a Fort Out of Anything/Everything You Can Find.”

12. I had a pet bunny in high school. His name was Spencer Thumperton. He was blonde with floppy ears and very cuddly and soft. I would often sing to him while I sat on a little stool in his floor to ceiling walk-in cage and feed him.  While Spencer would sit at my feet eating from my hand I liked to pretend there were birds sitting on my shoulder whistling away and squirrels scurrying about. Yes, it was very Snow White-esk.

13. I prefer the toilet paper to roll from the top.

Stay tuned for part 2 of getting to know me. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

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